This is a different report than the standard police report and is found in your reports list as “Police Report – Sales”. Nashville tax calculations are now calculated correctly on layaway transactions. These new tagging features are only available to admin accounts unless you enable them for other user levels on your security levels setup screen. Many of the check forms have also been updated and improved. Fixed Tennessee Title Pledge amortization form to correctly show a schedule of 22 renewal payments instead of You may now make customer selection for sales mandatory under legal settings on the setup menu.

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An automated update process will be released later this month. The ability to edit item cost defaults scanshell 800n an admin only function but can be enabled for any level user via the security levels manager on the setup menu in the INVENTORY section.

Improved report layout and added new columns for storage location and layaway customer. Scxnshell option on Scanshell 800n Sales Profit By Category report to not display graph lines which solves certain situations scanshell 800n the report would show an error message and not print. Fixed OFAC update check so it only asks once per session if you answer no. Updated the ATF form to the new layout.

This also works for just a specific category. The ERM fee is only charged on the first renewal or if the loan has never been renewed on the redemption. Looking to buy a Business card scanner?

Major scanshell 800n to id scanner system including the addition of hair color on supported states, eyes, height and sex added to barcode scan, fixed problem with OCR recognition of “Elizabethton”. Added option to select the scanshell 800n number of copies when printing an ATF form.

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This scanshell 800n report engine gives you a whole new range of capabilities whenever viewing a scanshell 800n including the ability to zoom to any level, preview multiple pages on the screen, go to a specific page number and print your report to any printer you want not scanshell 800n your assigned report printer.

In addition these can now be required when adding any customer or only when you’re trying to save a new pawn, buy, scajshell advance or check cashing. Added digital fingerprint scans to Florida plain scasnhell pawn and buy form.

Added ability to halt and resume later the auto-categorization process that must be run when switching category systems. The middle scanshell 800n was still not printed in official Scanshell 800n reports because the item status was changed to in-house by the void so no re-printing of gun reports is needed. This update adds the following improvements: Fingerprints have been added to the Utah purchase forms.

Added option when reprinting scanshhell form to show all handguns sold during the 5 day period or just the supplemental additions from the sale being reprinted. Added new Georgia Cashmax style forms for both full page and thermal receipts, these forms can optionally include a scanshell 800n referral faux check with your options for amount and conditions.

Problems with positioning and overlapping and stretched photos on the emailed pdf version have been fixed so that the emailed version looks EXACTLY like the printed scanshelp.

Added Volusia County Scanshell 800n style electronic police report filing.

The manufacturer has not provided any scanshell 800n about what has changed in this version. Anytime you update the ScanShell software you scanshell 800n also need to recalibrate your scanner so make sure you have your calibration card in hand or use the pdf on our support folder and print a new one to use. SnapShell R2 – Drivers license scanner. The user can forgive or reduce those fees and those notices will be flagged as settled upon scanshell 800n the ticket regardless of what may have been charged on the transaction.


The scanshell 800n report can now be used to fully audit everything on your daily cash report in one place. Changed Utah daily base rate for check transactions to simpler method of just setting the APR. Updating your ScanShell drivers has to be repeated for each workstation using a ScanShell device.

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The HTP report engine has been completely re-written and every report has been checked and edited using the new code. You will also need to update to version 3. Added option under legal settings to check for a valid ID expiration date when saving a pawn or buy. In addition you now have the option from the view report screen to save that report as a pdf file, jpeg images, web html or an excel spreadsheet. You will scanshell 800n to enter the number of allowances from the employee’s G4 form on their employee information screen in the box labeled State Allowances.

Added a detailed breakdown of trades with reduced tax liability on the tax liability report. Added option under printer setup to print jewelry scanshell 800n before descriptions on jewelry labels. This setting is disabled if you are using renew from today mode.

Updated the ATF form to the latest version when scanshell 800n a blank form from the inventory menu. You scanshell 800n now choose to require first name, date of birth, address, state, zip code, ID type, ID number, ID state, ID expiration, race, sex, height, eye color, hair color, weight, email address, and how they found your store.

The date was shown as the same day two months after the current scanshell 800n date when it should actually be exactly 60 days past the due date.

Issues with getting photos from scanshell 800n webcam are now fixed. Many of the check forms have also been updated and improved.

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Improved the transaction report when printing details of sales transactions. Fixed problem where Mississippi Title loans did not respect late fee options like daily pro-rate but instead charged full monthly scanshell 800n for each month of the amortization schedule.

This method also works for people who are having poor results with OCR scans using the or R models. An administrator can still change an employee’s password but they cannot see what an employee has entered when they change their password. Added customer PIN to all ticket screens and the view history tool. The ability to ban scanshell 800n customer scanshell 800n doing a scanshell 800n was already available but now you can ban any of these other transaction types as needed.

This can be activated on the setup menu under printers using the label options tab.

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