The swing weight feels perfect now on all the clubs. That is a big improvement for me. I shot my best score yet which was a 73 yesterday. Also, you are doing well—you are not far from the average male score after just five years and having waited until age 62 to play. No, I think my swing is probably more vertical on average. If you scrolled through the other comments on this article, you will see that a lot of people are having the same epiphanies when it comes to club lengths. Thanks also for the tip about saving your grips.

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Alan, I think you are right on track. Keep up the good work!

I feel nike forged titanium 400cc consistency with my new clubs will come with time, and keeping in mind your pointers of posture and approach above would help as well…. Typically when Nike forged titanium 400cc fit someone in a shorter set, they will get a degree or two upright angle to off-set the shorter shaft.

Thank you for your help. If you try to cut down some existing titznium, you will likely stiffen them some.

I seem to get conflicting advice on titwnium of irons, and flexibility of shaft. For the heck of it I decided to choke down.

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long? : Rogers Golf

I was desperate and I read this article. After a 15 year hiatus I got back into golf late last summer. So you have third options to try just by DEMOing a set of irons before you cut the shafts in your irons.

My swing with the shorter nike forged titanium 400cc felt comfortable, like my shoulders just rotating around my spine, while the longer clubs just felt out of control.

Also, I think what was contributing to the loss of posture was being bent over too much at address putting the club too far nkke from me occasional shanks? If you do shorten your clubs, any good nike forged titanium 400cc maker should be able to add some lead weight down the shafts to bring the swing weight back up to what you like.

I suggest reading the comments and making a few notes before you make a final decision about your clubs. 400c

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But what happens to the balancepoint? The result is that I am swinging better and making good contact with all my irons.

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

I enjoy the time I spend with my students, and do everything I can to help them enjoy the game more. But of course I can not use them because the flex is too whippy for my swing speed. Could clubs this short be my problem. Gordon, thanks for commenting. And I still see nike forged titanium 400cc lot of cases where center contact forgedd a shorter club hits it straighter AND longer!

I recently viewed a video on You-tube about this very issue. It will be tough to properly answer some of your questions without seeing you at address, and throughout your swing, but I will do my best:. I also wonder nike forged titanium 400cc long drivers can create stress for your back, shoulders and wrists.

十全総合病院 – 医療関係の方へ

You pin-pointed a couple of my main points: If you tell me that I will feel it, I will have to find somebody that really knows what there doing. If these things hold true for you, you might just add distance with a shorter driver. I wonder if simply gripping down on my irons would be worth trying. The salesperson at Golfsmith recommended I go with a stiffer flex, which I think is resulting a nike forged titanium 400cc more consistently straight ball flight.

Mike, thanks on nike forged titanium 400cc counts. I usually play 1 inch longer nike forged titanium 400cc tried standard length and got great results. Ready advice from Rickie Fowler who I have met and could fit in my back pocket and trying to apply it to my body does not correlate well. Went to the range today and choked down about one and a half inches. Me I just want a better golf game. As another side note, I also turned in my 56 degree wedge to get reshafted with an S

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