Open both latches of the memory module socket 1 , and remove the memory module from the socket 2. Computer appears to be locked up while recording audio. Page Cannot format diskette. Enable the network controller in the operating system via Device Manager. Printer prints garbled information. These memory sockets are populated with at least one preinstalled DIMM.

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Country-Specific Requirements Audjo requirements specific to a country are shown in parentheses and explained below. S5 Wake on LAN is disabled. Page 41 Spare part Description number Feet System board Intel Core i5 processor 2.

HP Pro 3330 Maintenance And Service Manual

Slide the power supply toward the front of the computer 2integrated realtek alc656 audio lift the power supply out of the computer 3. Illustrated parts catalog This chapter provides spare part information for all chassis. Click on Device Manager. Enable the network controller in the operating system via Device Manager. Disconnect the power cable and data cable from the rear of the optical drive. Find Solutions, integrated realtek alc656 audio questions, and share advice with other HP product owners.

Push the optical drive from behind, and then remove it from the front of the computer. Solving Processor Problems Insufficient memory error during operation.

Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics This chapter provides information on how to identify and correct minor problems, such as diskette drive, hard drive, optical drive, graphics, audio, memory, and software problems.

Install the correct printer driver for the application.


Replace the system board. Personal Grounding Methods and Equipment Use the following equipment to prevent static electricity damage to equipment: To access the Computer Setup Utilities menu, complete the following steps: Integrated realtek alc656 audio Connect external cables to the installed card, if needed. Pull the expansion card straight up from the integrated realtek alc656 audio then away from the inside of the chassis to release it from the chassis frame.

Page If you are removing a PCI Express x16 card, pull the retention arm on the back of the expansion socket away from the card and carefully rock the card back and forth until the connectors pull free from the socket.

Page 81 Slide the hard drive out of the cage. This computer contains a lithium battery. The SMART drive tracks fault prediction and failure indication parameters such as reallocated sector count, spin retry count, and calibration retry count.

HP Pro Microtower PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

System does not power on and the LEDs on the front of the computer are not flashing. On the rear of the computer, a slot cover lock secures the expansion integrated realtek alc656 audio brackets in place. Page Disconnect the cable from the system board 1lift the fan sink from atop the processor 2 and set it on its side to keep from contaminating the work area with thermal grease. Fan Sink Assembly While integrated realtek alc656 audio the outer rivet, from the inside of the chassis, pull the associated inside rivet toward the inside of the computer until the outside rivet is pulled into the chassis.

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Page 54 Slide the side panel toward the back, and then pull it away from the computer. Table of contents 1 Product Features Unlock the drive by pulling the release lever slightly away from the integrated realtek alc656 audio and placing in an upright position.

Installing Additional Drives When installing drives, follow these guidelines: Before you remove the old hard drive, be sure to back up integrated realtek alc656 audio data from the old hard drive so that you can transfer the data to the new hard drive.

Figure Pushing the optical drive Push the optical drive slightly forward.

Remove the four screws that secure the power supply to the rear chassis. After installing a new system board, always update the system ROM to ensure that the latest version of the BIOS is being used on the computer.

HP Pro 3500 Quickspecs

Slide the side panel toward the back, and then pull it away from the computer. This page requires Javascript. Remove the cables from the clip on the base pan of the computer.

Installing and Customizing integrated realtek alc656 audio Software If your computer was not shipped with a Microsoft operating system, some portions of this documentation do not apply. Check connector for bent or missing pins. Network driver does not integrated realtek alc656 audio network controller.

System Board System Board Description Spare part number System board for use in models includes thermal material When replacing the system board, be sure that the following components are removed from the defective system board and installed on the replacement system board: Lift the cage partially out of the computer. The screen image is added to the document.

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